Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today, my sister called with questions about food. It seems my mom has the desire to fill my cupboards.
Today, around 6PM, Pea Pod came with a delivery from my Aussie. There were frozen waffles for breakfast, cherries, granola bars, taco fixings, including the avocado, pickles, kit kat bars, cookie dough ice cream, whip cream, coca cola and is so greatly appreciated, it brings tears to my eyes from the thoughtfulness and love that came along with it.

Yesterday was a difficult day for me and mine. As much as I tried to conduct the day as normal, it was an impossible task to hide the fear and frustration I was feeling from those near and dear to me. Yes, we have taken on a huge task, helping my son overcome his wife leaving him with the 3 kids, the struggle of overcoming an Oxycontin addiction, but that is mere peanuts compared to the in-laws who are now trying to break him. Showing up on my doorstep to talk 'woman to woman' was one with aberrant behavior, trying to tape record our conversation, getting her to hand over the tape recorder, the father and his 20 something girlfriend showing up at Rec to 'see' the kids, the staff stopped that real fast, the crap these people will pull just because they know no different. The father and girlfriend showing up at my house. The girlfriend peering in my door window as she rang the bell. The father coming back to tell me the kids are suppose to be here when I know he just left Rec trying to see them. The numerous phone calls from different numbers leaving me passive aggressive messages from the mother. The wife knows she can call the kids if she chooses...she chooses not...we didn't tell her to run off with Little Red, only to return her, we didn't tell the kids I will do anything to get you, we didn't threaten my son with taking the kids and never seeing them again.

I had an acquaintance from years ago call to tell me it will get harder before it is over but keep the course we're going. The ex husband's wife is in the law field and has become a friend and ally.
Yes, how do you tell kids their mom still loves them yet she doesn't call or visit?

The positive in all this is...

  • Z1 is now in counselling and is getting help for the addiction.
  • The kids are all going to counselling on Monday.
  • We know they're safe when they go off to be with friends at Rec.
  • We will do whatever it takes to make this work and will do so with integrity.
  • I am forever grateful for the love and support my friends/family give me, more than they will ever know.

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