Friday, July 18, 2008


It was a glorious hot summer day. With a cooler packed full of drinks, sandwiches and snacks, the kids were off to the beach with their dad for the day. I was given some breathing time. I decided to have my coffee outside and as I walked out onto the deck, I was greeted with wondrous sights.

The yard has been filled with amazing dragonflies, all possessing various wings. I was visited by this dragonfly for over an hour in which time he let me take these pictures of him.

For lunch, I picked fresh greens, grape tomatoes and purple basil to go along with the fresh mozzarella. It was quite delightful.

I talked to JoAnnA for awhile. We are in a round robin and it's been a bit backed up. We talked of artist's techniques and teaching styles. We talked of life. We talked of those gorgeous new collage sheets of hers. All whilst she's in California and me in Connecticut.

I read Susan Tuttle's , simply breathe, blog entry. I understood it very well.

I started putting color on my gessoed watercolor paper. I worked on it some more tonight while Little Red designed a banner she is working on. Tomorrow, we'll finish it.

I played pool with the J-Man this afternoon.

It was a very restful day.

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