Monday, July 21, 2008

On Sunday, the man child traded cars with me and let me just say it has been quite the experience. I have gone from air, comfort and room enough for all my needs to a moon roof, no room and a seat that is locked in place for his 6'9" body. Yes, he has blown through 2 seats and ours is on the way out, so will probably have to be replaced or welded when she gets home. I laugh when my friends tell me to trade my Jeep for a small car but has anyone tried to fit 6'4" and above in one? Even the Jeep is a tight fit for 6'4" and for those who say, it shouldn't be your problem...I am not independently wealthy and I do like to go places with my husband.

Monday was suppose to bring us rain but has brought us more humidity and more 90s.This afternoon took us out to pick up #1 grandson from culinary school.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching all 4 kids in the pool, ending the day with a cook-out

and the end of the fireworks.

The praying mantis are back, with 2 in the house. The dragonfly has come to visit for the night. It's unusual to have a dragonfly in the house but Z2 took this shot.

They've gone to bed...can you hear the quiet?

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Sandie R said...

now I could be enticed out of my basement however if I had one of these to play in.
I don't post much on your blog Ellen but I'm subscribed to it so I read everything. It is so colourful and interesting. I'm off for two weeks vacation persuing my shared hobby with Hubby. Cowboy Action Shooting in period costume. There is a picture of costume on my blog along with a link to cowboy shooting. Keep enjoying the summer.