Sunday, July 27, 2008


I am grateful for my ex and his wife (Papa and Nina) for taking Z2, J-Man and Little Red for the night. For us it was a refresher. We have been so exhausted lately and never realised just how much so. Would you believe we took a nap yesterday afternoon for a few hours? Would you believe last night was one of the best nights sleep we both had since the kids have come to us? Yes, we knew they were safe and we knew they were having a wonderful break.

The excitement in their voices when we talked to say good night was worth a million words.

They were as refreshed as we were and it was great to see the stress they were feeling lifted as they walked inside calling my name. They had great stories and all told with laughter.

It was teeming when they pulled into the driveway so the bicycle was brought to the basement to be ridden. Not that you can really ride it down there but it was a place to admire this wonderful birthday gift. Just to be able to sit on it and ride a few feet. That was all that was needed to make the J-Man happy.

Just as they were all settled in Z1 called to say he wanted them to come to the apartment for the night. Even though they were sad about leaving, they knew they would be back in the morning for the IHOP excursion and the switching of the cars...HALLELUJAH!

Thank you, Papa and was just enough!

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