Friday, June 27, 2008

Every morning when I drive the kids to Rec I pass this gorgeous home with the sign in front of it. With Brimfield week beginning on the 8th and being less than 1/2 hr away, there may be a possibility to go for a day. In case it doesn't come to fruition, I think I should honor the owners of the sign for all their hard work in notifying me on a twice a day basis. The Aussie and her family will be visiting. I will twist her arm to join me while we leave the men and children behind.

The cell phone is always the amusing way to capture the daily ride.


His version of the chipmunks.

When the kids were told they would be going to Rec five days a week, 8:30-3:00, for 8 weeks, except for rain, you would have thought I asked them to go to school for the summer. Being8 wanted to just stay home and relax, Z2 thought it 'lame' and Little Red was ecstatic to have girls to play with all summer. We started out by arriving at 9 and leaving by 2:30 which we have stuck to, so far. Every morning I ask them if they want to go or stay home and it is always the same answer...GO! Not every town is blessed with a program that is on a lake and charges only $75 per wk per attendee (scholarships available, too), provides breakfast and lunch for anyone who wants it. The woman who runs the program has been running it for years and I wonder how many really give thanks and appreciate all she does.

I am going to try and make some art today before Rec is over and 8 plays in the All-Star game tonight.

I have artistically weeded the veggie garden, answered some Art-Is questions and viewed some of my favorite blogs. Take a look at the Aussie's blog to see what she did with seventy 3-5 yr old yesterday. The expressions on those little faces and the finished products are priceless.

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