Monday, May 26, 2008

The Memorial Day weekend is said to be the unofficial beginning of summer. How many of us have remembered the true meaning in which Memorial Day was started? How many of us marched in or attended a parade in honor of Memorial Day? How many paused for a minute at 3:00PM est to honor both our vets and those serving us now? How many know it was formerly known as Decoration Day, to commemorate U.S. men and women who perished while in military service to their country. It was first enacted to honor Union soldiers of the Civil War and was expanded after World War 1 to include casualties of any war or military action. In addition to remembrance, Memorial Day is also used as a time for family picnics, barbecues, and gatherings. Did you know, one of the longest standing traditions is the running of the Indianapolis 500 has been held in conjunction with Memorial Day since 1911?

The weekend for our family was just that, family. Friday night brought the Man Child, the Electrician and Being Eight to Yankee Stadium while I stayed at home to attend Z2's Little League game playing the Yankees. The NY Yankees won. The Dodgers (Z2's team) beat the Yankees in the bottom of the 6th, 11-10. It was nice to have Z2's parents there with Little Red, for once.
Saturday I did things with Being Eight the entire day while the Electrician worked. We played word games and did yard work. Being Eight has taken to mowing the lawn to earn the monies for a bike which was stolen. Even when the lawn looks like a mohawk haircut, he gets an A for effort, with pay; the next lesson is perfecting his skills as a mower without him knowing he needs improving.

Sunday brought us to Eastchester, to visit and work at the Aussie's residence. Mind you, I did more visiting than working but that is to be expected. We had tea at this darling tea shop after we dropped the 14 yr old off, worked on not only Art-Is but the March 2009 Manhattan Art-Is and the fall 2009. We had falafel, St Andre cheese, glorious olives, tabbouleh, hummus and pita bread along with coffee, tea and dessert. The desserts were banana custard pie and passion fruit pie. All I can say is MMMMMMMMMMMM! An added bonus was being able to talk to Mrs. Pom and learning of her freshly painted screened in porch! The men put in well needed outside lights and a porch light after they discussed the next project...the deck! we got home almost at midnight which made for a looooong day to say the least.

Today, Being Eight, Z2 and Little Red marched in the parade while I stayed home. Mind you, I wouldn't have stayed home, but Kevin forgot to come back for me. This was a gift to take the time to start the lists of the week and get a bearing on what needs to be done asap.

We had the report of the Male Child's 13 yr old team had beat the #2 team in the playoffs of tournament play. Game 2 to determine the Champs was at 3:30 on the shore. I was so happy to drive the hour plus to go home. There is a sense of self, an awakening of being home. I have been in the woods of CT since 1983 and don't have the spark or the energy I feel when I return to my roots...the CT/RI shore. Even though the team lost the 2nd game, I was happy to visit the place I left behind, the place I met my husband and moved on. I was reassured we had good parenting skills with this one, in the way my son handle a situation with a disgruntled parent on the team. From there we shared a meal with the Man Child and his assistant coach at one of my favorite seafood places before moving on to, gasp, the market.

We had a marvelous weekend not only pausing to remember our veterans and those who serve us now, but to thank them for the freedom to be able to do all we did this weekend and all we do.

It was, a wonderful jam packed weekend with family and friends, who have become family!
Happy Birthday, T! I can't believe my Gator Girl is 5 already!

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