Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This and That...

This morning while reading Loretta's blog I thought of my own gardens.

For years I've wanted a garden with plants that reminded me of my favorite childhood walks out in my Gram's yard. I have the bleeding heart, the violets, the lily of the valley but the hydrangea and the lilacs have left me bewildered. I wasn't sure if I should do some ritual to make these two grow year after year but to no avail they were gone without a trace. Last year I thought I would bite the bullet and plant 3 hydrangeas with the hope of just one coming back and now have all three starting to grow, so maybe there is still hope for that lilac bush yet. I do have success with other plants. The lavender, oregano, chives (one being garlic) and thyme can always be counted on. The Asiatic lilies whose height is suppose to be 18" grow to 4', the lambs ear, Calla lilies, black eye Susan, and a few other flowering gems bloom yearly but I never know how many blooms of who I will be honored by. Last year I discovered a vine growing around the deck stairs and although it looked pretty we soon discovered it was bittersweet. I thought we had pulled it all but it's back and it will probably be back for years even if we do keep pulling it out. The one tried and true plant we have is this wonderful ornamental grass that grows where you plant it and likes all kinds of soil and weather conditions. So, I too will go on and wonder what will bloom and how it got there. Until the gardener and the landscaper stop by and offer me a free overhaul or like Loretta, I win the lottery I will enjoy the beauty in what is there and continue to wonder if that little weed I should be pulling is really a weed or is it one of those flowers that just never came back.

I'm done with my latte and life is calling. What it's saying I can't tell you, but it's calling. Oh, and by the way, the garden you see? Not mine!

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Loretta said...

Your garden is so lush - lovely! In case you've been under a rock in terms of my blog, hydrangeas are my favorite, sentimental flowers. I would plant only those and may this year since I found a variety that blooms all summer. At $75 a bush, however, I'm probably limited to the one I have!