Monday, March 3, 2008

Website design talent


Wild-Oak-Design is behind our wonderful website ( ).

Trudy is a fabulous Web and Graphic Designer who has spent the past few years building her business within the ebay framework as a Certified Store Designer...selling template and store designs.

Recently, she made a full time commitment to her amazing website designs and has just rebuilt the Wild-Oak-Design website into a stand alone independent business.

As a single mother - Trudy knows how hard it can be to get established online without blowing the budget... so all her designs are extremely affordable....making them perfectly suited for new, grassroots businesses.

Whilst her design style can be quite eclectic, she loves working with 'Boutique' styles, including Collage, Vintage Inspired, Altered Art, Shabby Chic and Scrapbook.

Please take a moment to check out herwebsite and her blog. The next time you are looking for a creative soul to work on your blog, etsy store or ebay banners, drop Trudy a note.

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