Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Glitter and then some

The last of the glittering is done for awhile. It's time to wrap a few and ship them out.
I've found the hardest thing to do is trying to get the take the picture so the dimension of the piece is there. Maybe a photo class is the next thing on my to do lists.
Although she's lospided and imperfect the green is my favorite.
The black and red is quite stunning in 'person'.

Saturday's snow brought out the plows and with that came the realization the mailbox was no longer standing. Today it is bitter cold due to the high wind gusts whipping around.

We ended up having 'being eight', his 12 yr old brother, the other 12 yr old grandson and a 12 yr old friend on Saturday night. There was pizza and Guitar Hero as well as the fooze ball table. Being eight stayed the entire weekend while the 12's were here for a few hours. Guitar Hero was the thing for a few stolen moments when being eight snuck into his uncle's room while the 12's weren't around.

I'm in 2 round robins which both need to be sent the end of the week. Today is a good day to start. I have the altered book which is a child's board book and then the 'Whatever Makes You Smile' one. This is to make something that tickles us and pass it on. It can be a book, fabric, doll, whatever. I've had many idea for this but today I know what I'm sending.

Hope your day is filled with many unexpected blessings!

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