Monday, February 18, 2008


Today I will drink coffee.

The rains have been torrential. With the gound still covered in snow and ice, once again the water has nowhere to go. The basement sump pump was turned off so fortunately we find out before the water came too far above the hole. The front walkway had the first step covered in water so a sump pump is moving the inches of water away from the house. The temps are in the 50's which is a nice change from the bitter cold.

Some Art-Is work needs to be done. Even though this is work, it's from the heart which makes it pleasure.

Being Eight has his friend coming over today. The 12 year old is here, too anticipating the arrival of the Almost Teen cousin. We haven't heard if he decided to stay in NH or not. Time will soon tell if they'll be 3 or 4 boys hanging around.

I have 2 round robins I'm doing. Both were mailed on Saturday and both are totally different. The Tickled Pink RR is whatever you send is what gets altered. This is my beginning...

The BoardBookMavens is just that, a child's board book. The pictures for the book for some reason didn't want to co-operate no matter how many times they were taken but you can get the idea. Book front and back were the same; many hands with grungeboard scroll over them.

The spine...

The first two pages are children. I chose children because they are dear to my heart and never a day goes by when I am not blessed by them.

Words, quotes, phrases to go along with the unusual picture is a must.

Off to have more coffee and get on with the day.

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