Friday, January 25, 2008

Being 8

When we're eight we drink applesauce from a straw so the kids at school think I'm cool.

When we're eight we put corn on our teeth and say "look! I have golden teeth".

When we're eight we start talking about what we want for our birthday in January even though our birthday isn't until the end of July.

When we're eight it's ok to go to Ma and Boompa's after school and sit on the kitchen counter eating a snack while I tell Ma about my day.

When we're eight we can go into the studio and search for things to do. There is always paper, crayons, markers and glue. When I'm lucky I can get a new journal to go along with all the others I've decorated and drawn in.

When we're eight we are still young enough not to be too embarrassed if Ma hugs and kisses me.
When we're eight I'm not too big to sit on Boompa's lap.

Being eight isn't so bad.

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Anonymous said...

Being 41
Means going to bed at 7pm with my Tiara book and cup of tea and not feeling like I should be out on the town instead!