Saturday, November 3, 2007

the beginning

Many of my friends have been after me for the past year to start my own blog, so here goes. Art is. Art is what? In the beginning there were always crayons for coloring the stone wall and cloth to turn into some life like form. From fabric and necessity came my clothes, my children's clothes, the toys, costumes, and gifts. From paper came the cards, paper mobiles, planes and beyond. These days I've come to love all mixed media, especially the works of Michal deMeng, Beryl Taylor and JoAnnA Pierotti to name a few. One of my favorite people to read is mixed media artist-writer Loretta Bendetto Marvel. You can find her wonderful articles and art at the end of every Cloth Paper Scissors, they save the best for last. That's Art... This past week my creativity lied in studio purging for the millionth time, Halloween costumes, a 'DAZZLE' crown for the word parade, and life in general. Tomorrow starts a new week.

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JoAnnA Pierotti said...

oh Ellen, I am so proud of you to start this blog. You SO NEED to share with the world your wonderful creations, for they truly made my heart jump many beats when I viewed them in person at ARTfest. You are truly an amazing artist!!!! I only wish I lived closer so you could teach me all that you And I can't even believe you mentioned my name among those others...for who am I???? Bless you you dear and I miss you!!! joanna